Nerve Collective

Why consider nerve?

We’ll get to that.

First let’s take a look at some of the work.
Client: Big Shoulders CoffeeProject: Identity & Brand Development
This identity helped create one of the coolest new coffee brands in Chicago.
Big Shoulders Identity
Nerve created an identity and overall look & feel for Big Shoulders Coffee, a new Chicago coffee shop and boutique roaster. Big Shoulders Coffee was nominated by Time Out Chicago as one of Chicago’s best new coffee shops. Coincidence? We think not!
Client: Big Shoulders CoffeeProject: Web Design & Development
This website didn’t hurt either.
How do you deliver a brand experience in one bracing, highly caffeinated swig? Why, a simple yet sophisticated website just like this one. This micro-site not only looks great, it puts the critical information right at the user’s fingertips. Note the geeky details of the sticky header and faux-video up top. We love our nerds.
Client: Kentucky Science CenterProject: Annual Fund 2012⁄2013 Campaign
This campaign provided new reasons to give to an established institution.
It’s not easy for established nonprofits to re-capture the attention of their membership year after year, much less to re-make the case for donations. This campaign succeeded because it proclaimed loudly and definitively: we deliver results and we deserve to be funded.
Client: Kentucky Science CenterProject: Science With a Twist Event Collateral
This creative treatment made people eager to party with dead people.
Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres with posed, plastinated cadavers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So when Body Worlds made its gala debut at Kentucky Science Center the creative needed to walk a fine line. It had to be clear but not morbid, festive but not irreverent. And of course it had to look great. This gave the festivities just the right touch.
Client: Kentucky Science CenterProject: Education Guide
This guide made it easier than ever for time-pressed teachers to plan field trips.
Websites aren’t the only media that need to deliver great experiences. Print must do the same, especially if it’s as important and information-packed as Kentucky Science Center’s annual Education Guide. This guide was so clear and organized, the field trips almost planned themselves. Almost.
Client: Heartland HousingProject: Digital CTA Boards
These signs are Chicago's hippest way to find out when the bus will get there.
Did we say we have fabulous geeks? We do. Our digital signs were the first in Chicago to take advantage of the CTA’s open API technology and deliver bus and train arrival information in a customized, branded format. Oh those geeks are good, they’re VERY good.

Who is Nerve?

Nerve is the team you want when you need focused, principal-level attention on a new initiative, an emerging opportunity or a tricky problem — without the baggage of a conventional agency.

We are a small, highly disciplined team of senior-level brand, design, technology and media types who tackle challenging projects for clients of all sizes, from mom-and-pops to multinationals.

We won’t presume to tell you your business or your strategy, unless of course you’d like us to do that, in which case you’ll find we’ll have no end of things to say.

Why are we different?

Unlike the principal staff of most agencies, we actually pay attention to you. We focus on your projects, engage with you creatively and think proactively about your needs.

And we not only think, we do. We work hands-on on every project that comes in our (virtual) door. We even pick up the phone when you call. It’s kinda revolutionary.

Who have we worked for? Organizations like this. In other words, people who recognize our ability to think strategically, execute tactically and deliver the results they need.