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The Key to Successful Brands? Focus.

Staying focused is probably the biggest challenge brand managers have. It’s gotten harder lately, what with the stop-and-start economy and all the business gurus out there shouting “innovate or die!" from the hilltops. Funny things start happening under all that pressure. Unlikely brand extensions suddenly start to look attractive. Business owners begin to have fantasies about acquiring competitors or vendors. Maybe we should just close the office and turn the whole business into an app, what do you think?

The best thing any brand manager can do at a time like that is take a deep breath and remember the number one rule of successful brand management: focus. Do the opportunities in front of you sharpen and clarify your brand, or do they muddy and confuse? If it’s the latter, your job is to just say no. Channel the energy you were putting into your new venture back into your core mission: finding out what your customers actually want and then delivering it.

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