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Great Creative Starts with Clarity

When campaigns fall short of expectations the temptation is to blame the creative: we just weren't exciting enough! Rarely do we ask the question: how clear were we? How well did we define ourselves and our offering? How forcefully did we proclaim our value and points of difference? How well did we frame the customer's problem and the solution we're offering? 

Clarity is the soul of good marketing. That's a truism that gets truer every day as the media environment gets more crowded and windows for impression-making get smaller. Which means the onus is on us as marketers, not only to grab attention but to do something constructive with that attention once we have it. (Quickly). 

So here's a suggestion for a Monday: today, look beyond the hook and headline. Check those subheads and that body copy (if there is any). Analyze those typefaces and images. If you find any elements that don't advance the goal of crystal clarity, nix them and replace them with things that do. Because your audience doesn't have time for any filler, they're busy. And only too happy to buy a competitive product that they actually understand. 

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