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New Transmission, Runs Good

We hate to beat up on traditional agencies too much. After all, a lot of our good friends still work in them. But you know how it is, sometimes a perfect metaphor pops into view, and you just can't help yourself. 

Like this afternoon. I was stopped at a traffic light fiddling with my mirrors, when I happened to glance up at the car in front of me. What a beater! Cracked window, rust around the keyholes and emblems, smoky tailpipe bouncing to the beat of the ragged engine. After a moment I noticed a peeling sticker sitting slightly askew in the corner of the rear window. It was the logo of what used to be one of the hippest boutique ad agencies in town. And no, I'm not making this up. 

I imagined the thing sliding up to a curb to pick up a well-dressed CMO. "Hop on in!" says the account exec behind the wheel. "She runs great!"

And gets almost nine miles to the gallon too.

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